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Udp Test Failed udp test failed under opt/con/test port

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Post icon  Posted 01 October 2005 - 10:42 PM

I've been trying to follow all the guides and have read and configured for about 4 hours. I increased my knowledge vastly, but I now have to ask someone for help at this point.

The situation as I see it:

Just updated to .46 but probems existed with last ver.

As I type, I am connected to a server, I think Razorback 2.0, since that is the one I highlighted before I hit the connect icon on the tool bar.

I am being uploaded from, no probs

I have 3 small audio files in the download window, In the transfers window, progress bar was red, then all went to blue. It has been open for about 1/2 hour, status is 'waiting', 2 priorities are auto, 1 is set to high.

Downloads just won't start. As mentioned, 2-4 uploads are going well, about 2.5 KB/s to 915 B/s.

I use a DI 514 D Link router and have followed all the instructions and help links to fwd ports, 4662,4672,4711 set to 'both' (udp,tcp) in virtual server, and the 3 items also show up under firewall settings. Something that seems fishy is that under firewall settings, there is only the edit icon at the end of each line, (eMule1), (eMule2), (eMule3). Other ports that I have fwd'd (2 mIrC ports) have a 'delete' icon next to the edit icon, and 'up and down arrow' icons as well. For some reason, when I added the 3 ports in virtual server for the 3 Emule ports, in firewall, the extra icons like the ones for mIrc aren't there. Just wondering it this is a clue why I can't get the downloads starting. I'm trying every possible idea. Need helpl.

OS is XP w/ SP2, but I've completely turned off firewall to test if that was the cause,
and I also use Sygate but I've disabled that also to test if that was the cause.
No firewalls, and ports seem forwarded properly. Downloads just don't start.
Could this take an hour to get going. I remember when it was working I would
get some indiaction in a few minutes.

The reason that I think the problem might be the UDP item, is that I get a ' X' 'UDP test failed' when I use the options/connections/test port button. I saw this the first time after using the Wizzard to install the the update. I went ahead an ignored it to see if it would work anyway. (not yet)

TCP passes, but not udp. It seems that help says that I don't even need udp
if I'm not using KAD, which I don't think I am but not sure. Maybe I am, how do
you tell. I just hit connect icon on left side of upper Emule toolbar to connect.

Any help or suggestions will be so greatly appreciated. I have about 4 hours into
trying to get this thang going again.

If you actually read this whole thing and think you know a fix, I must say

Thanks in advance,

Tanks agin +++++++++++++++++trevvor

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Posted 02 October 2005 - 01:17 AM

update 2 1/2 hours later...duh.....a song an a half DID get downloaded......guess I didn't wait long enough, but at this rate a movie would be about 2 months.

Should I still be concerned about the UDP failure on the test ?

Are there any general tips on tuning this pup up for peak performance.

thx ?

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Posted 02 October 2005 - 02:14 AM

First you need to confirm you have High-Id when connected to Razorback2 or donkeyservers. (note that RB2.2/2.3 etc are fakes)

High/Low Id is shown under Servers/My Info.
Then try connecting Kad if you have not already. If status is 'Open' then I'm sure UDP port is open.

Also make sure UL Limit is set correctly - approx 75% upload bandwidth.

Other than High-Id, it is all about sources/time online.

Choose files with plenty of sources (100+ideally) with high %complete.
Run multiple downloads
Leave running 24/7
Patience is the key. Emule is not fast. Expect to wait a few hours for any download and then expect it to be slow. Sometimes you get lucky!

You wait in line in queues and then rely on their upload capability. Standard client uploads at 3-4kB/s per slot.

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Post icon  Posted 02 October 2005 - 07:55 AM

thanks for the reply and your time to answer my questions.

reply and comments to your paragraphs as follows, in case I'm
not understanding everything.

disconnected from server I was on and reconnected to razorback 2.0.
High ID, under ID #.... was listed, Kad was disconnected

clicked on the KAD icon and clicked connect. Back to the server view, under
my info/Kad Network, status was firewalled, but after rechecking firewall was
pressed a few times, status now reads 'Open;, with IP # and port :4672 at the
end. Just for grins, I went to Options/connection/and clicked 'test ports'....same
result as before, says udp test failed.

Also under connection, download limit is about 1/4 full (7 KB/s) and upload limit
is also checked and slider is at 75%, or 3 KB/s. Is this what you are referring to
when you said to set UL limit correctly ?

And on the 2nd listing under my info, eD2K Server, the port at the end of the IP:
number is 4661. This is probably normal, but I though I'd say this in case it
is supposed to be 4662, like the eD2K Network readout. Doesn't seem like it is meant to be changed, but should I open 4661 in my router virtual server/firewall port forwarding information ?

And finally if there is no more replies to this thread, I understand that patience is
necessary and keeping it running is cool. Just wanted to make sure that it's running
as it should. The udp test failure just bugs me and makes me think something is still not set correctly.

Cheers, hope all is well with fellow file sharers, and of course, thanks much again.

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Posted 02 October 2005 - 11:04 PM

All sounds ok to me, although you don't normally need to set Download Limit. However, this will occur automatically if your UL Limit is lower than 10. What type/speed connection do you have?

Assuming you do have a slow connection (I am guessing 256/32kbps) then obviously it will take even longer.

Just leave them running. So long as there are no red bits in progress bar they will complete.

(You do not need to forward server port, ie 4661)

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Posted 03 October 2005 - 12:18 AM

same thing here: udp test failed..
but it was successful yesterday and I havenīt changed anything..

"UDP communication is used for Kad and to reduce bandwidth usage (Overhead) - which will not work for you."

..but when I doubleclick on a file there are happy green faces and they say "kad" and itīs dl:ing.

Does this mean kad is working but I get less sources through it?
and will firewalled kad status (razorback2) slow things down a lot?

maybe my cat is evil and telneted my router or something..

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