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Concerns About Keylogging Behavior In Emule V0.70a Installer

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Posted 16 May 2024 - 05:54 PM

Dear eMule Community,

I recently ran a detailed analysis on the eMule v0.70a Installer (file name: eMule0.70a-Installer.exe, SHA256: bca17e93df10ca9519119618393e424babc85861c751962f6ae39082589ddd2a). While the overall detection report indicates that the file is safe, I observed a potentially concerning behavior: the installer appears to capture keystroke information.

Given the nature of keylogging, which is typically associated with malicious software, I wanted to reach out to the official eMule team to understand the reason behind this behavior.

Here are some details from the analysis report:

Environment: Win7 (32bit, Office 2013) and Win10 (1903 64bit, Office 2016)
Detection Result: 0/27 engines flagged the file as malicious
behavior Detected: The installer was observed capturing keystroke information
Could the development team or any knowledgeable community members provide clarification on why the installer might be performing this action? I have the full analysis report available if needed for further investigation.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

[Zhen Wang]

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