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Original Source Files Are Not Removed After Import

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Posted 08 May 2024 - 06:44 PM

From Tools menu, I use Import Downloads to import and check integrity of met files and give them new non-conflicting ids. Two things happen:

1. After succeeding the import, I expect the original file to be removed automatically, so that when I check the original folder, can see what met files couldn't be imported. I remember that once it happened with the same version, but after changing Windows installation I had to install eMule again, and this doesn't happen. I've to remove them manually.

2. Consider a source folder which includes about 1GB of part files as well as met's etc. When both with Temp folder are located on the same partition, why eMule should copy them and then remove them? It may act like OS and just move the part files. It consumes much less time.

Thank you

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