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Italian Government Is The First To Adopt The Anti Piracy Shield

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Posted 07 February 2024 - 03:05 AM

Italian government is the first in Europe to activate the anti-piracy shield. VPNs will also be involved and cannot escape the action of AGCOM.

AIR VPN will not allow Italian customers to purchase traffic from February 19, 2024.

It's a bad sign! If VPNs cannot escape the power of AGCOM, let alone ISPs!

What everyone feared is coming true, and it's the Italian government that is the first in Europe to activate it!

Our privacy is in danger, and at best, we could be disconnected, and in the worst case, we could face sanctions.

Here I am not allowed to post links, but the news is on TorrentFreak and on the AIR VPN Blog.

Terrible scenarios are opening up for P2P. As I predicted in other posts, the fact that many P2P clients were moving to anonymous networks was not a good sign, and unfortunately, now the surveillance system is activated.

Anyone with more and detailed informations, please contribute. Thank you.

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Posted 07 February 2024 - 10:53 AM

bad news :-(


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Posted 12 February 2024 - 10:09 AM

Many governments across the world over the decades have attempted to stop piracy.
The above words have each been carefully chosen, based on real life experience.There have been many politicians and lobby groups that have tried before, will try again - some have succeeded for a short period, and some have made it rather more difficult to find shared files for a little longer.
Be reassured technology will find a way... ;)

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Posted 27 March 2024 - 05:40 AM

Seems it hasn't been without it problems - they blocked the cloudflare IP and cut off vast numbers of legitimate sites for quiet a while.

This section from the article I read is telling:


Claims that IPTV piracy would be eliminated almost overnight helped to convince lawmakers that without Piracy Shield and the legislation that underpins it, Italian football could die.

In reality, the system was never capable of eliminating piracy and football in Italy was never on life support; the big question now is whether it’s performing close to predictions, or even having any effect at all.

Aside from anything else, money making football clubs existed well before live TV coverage.

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