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Posted 19 December 2022 - 10:28 AM

There are a couple of (vaguely related) issues that I see in search results. Both are generally connected to the file not being what it purports to be.

The first is where you are searching for an archive - but it turns out to be a video or audio file. As the search is also able to display certain info such as duration for video / audio files, is there an option where such results that must clearly be (as a minimum) the incorrect extension get flagged in some way in the search results as being doubtful?

The second issue is files where there are a lot of different file names for the same hash - you can see this when you expand it or when you go to properties, but is there a way of analysing and flagging up where most of the variations are completely different to the name being shown to you? Some name variations are just truncated, tidied up (say spaces replaced by hyphens) or have some extra info added at the end like key words or bit rate - but the file name is say 90% the same. This is fine and I can see why it happens. But when most of the names have no connection to the key words you searched for an no relation to the name being displayed, is there a way that it can be flagged up in the search results as doubtful (to encourage you to investigate further before downloading)?

Both these things could help avoid wasted downloads - and making it look like the incorrectly named files are more popular than they are.

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