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Emule Ultimate Innovation - Ipfs | For Helping People Behind A Nat An EMule ultimate innovation that i designed, for helping people Rate Topic: -----

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Should we help people behind a NAT, that have a low id to anyway use emule with functions that usually who have an high id have?

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  2. Yes, we should do it but without IPFS (Very hard) (0 votes [0.00%])

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Posted 03 April 2022 - 04:35 PM

Hello everyone, developers of emule, users of emule! Sorry for my bad english, Today i will talk about a big innovation for EMule, I think many people won't like it but people like me (With a private IP adress and behind a NAT :respect: ) will be happy to hear this, if they are present on this forum. I used many time in my life emule, and i really like it, unfortunately now that i have a mobile router behind a NAT i can't use it. Any time i will open emule, i will ALWAYS get a low id and that's sad, i hope you understand. A past few weeks i came across a new network protocol for peer-to-peer file-sharing called 'InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)' that helps people share files on a fast way similar to the BitTorrent protocol (but not the same) using a Distributed Hash Table on a Distributed Network, i made many experiments with this network protcol (IPFS) with Gofile/Golang/Go and Javascript and it works like a charm! I think that this network protocol it's an evolution of Kademlia so i wonder if we can add this type of network on emule community versions/releases (together with edonkey network and kademlia network), I'm a very experienced developer, maybe i can help, or maybe not, i have lot of experience with python, javascript, html, css, batch and basic experience with c++ and Gofile/Golang/Go :thumbup: We, the emule users that have low id, will be very happy to hear that we finally can use emule without any annoying restriction. If it is not possible, but i can't see the problem, i hope that the community of the developers will find a way to kindly help, Thanks for reading.

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