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Server Search Truncated At 1011 Results

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Posted 02 April 2021 - 07:01 PM

My search results in eMule 0.50a are being limited.

Server Search (whether single server or Global) will not return more than 1011 results, regardless of the search term (frex Beatles). If I am sharing files that include the term, my files usually show up, so I might get only a couple hundred results from others. Even if I am not sharing any files with the search term, my Global search stops at 1011 results.

(Probably unrelated: When I use most Search terms, I get a green Status indicator at the bottom of the Search page. For some search terms, however, I never see such an indicator - it just immediately displays a list of Search results, whether this is 1011 or a lower number. I suspect this has to do with common search words having results "indexed" somewhere, but am unsure of this.)

With Kad, 90% of the time the search results stop at 300. Occasionally it will display more results, but most of the time it stops at exactly 300 results.

I have gone through all of my Settings, and can't find anything that seems to deal with limiting Search results.

Running eMule 0.50a
High ID
Obfuscated/Normal connection has same result.
Server List: 12 live servers
IP Filter NOT enabled
Spam Filter for results NOT enabled

Kad Status: Open
UDP Status: Open (unverified)

Is this eMule functionality, or is there something I can change to fix this? I think it is preventing new files from showing up - 99% of the time for my truncated search results, all of the files displayed are ones I have already seen.



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