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Posted 02 January 2021 - 10:21 PM

Here in spain, is becoming the normal among internet providers to share an ip between a lot of users, the router nat is auto configured so you requests an internal port to redirect, and the "internet provider" gives you back the port they want or have free for nat in that ip.

For example, i want to redirect port 15555, and they assign you 1322 on the router side, (cgnat is called) so there is no way to make both sides to have the same number, so emule fails.

What im asking for if is for a way to configure the public facing ports, and also the private ports inside emule, because i (and lots of other users) can't (no shell access and web control panel for router is crap) change internal port AFTER its been asigned.

And the same problem seems to be happening when using upnp.

I know it's a fault of the internet provider but they don't care.

Thanks in advance

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Posted 03 January 2021 - 02:09 AM

Orange, including its brands, is the only one ISP in Spain using that PCP feature for users under CG-NAT when enabling the IPv6 protocol. They removed the option to sort it and force the external port in the last firmware update. You'll have to contact your ISP and ask about a IPv4 public IP to be able to open the ports properly. They change it on request but you'll have to patient and find the appropiate person in the customer service. The alternative is to set the Livebox Fibra router (considering it's not a Livebox +) as ONT, enabling the ONT mode, and using your own router, but you'll lose the telephone line.

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