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Threaded / Gradually loading files lists?

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 09:31 PM


I (and others) noticed that the software does not appreciate massive arrays of files (i.e. the shared files list)
As of now I believe it's just a loooong list and everything's printed out at once upon request, however this becomes chunky when loading tens of thousands of results (ALL AT ONCE)

I recommend that instead the program switches to a gradually loading list, where items are added continuously (instead of simultaneously) as to allow the remaining program to still be operational, as to provide more stability in both connectivity and local GUI interactivity, and also as to provide a more user friendly experience without a confusing "do I close it yet?" moment.

If you (the reader) are familiar with a developing company called Valve Software, their video games have (mostly) featured an accessible server list for multiplayer. The way that this functions is by having the array of information accessible within the rendering loop, and then loading an item individually on frame rendering and adding it's information to the graphical user interface. This way the smoothness of having both a massive list of information (several hundred of thousands of items) being accessible, and also the other functionalities of the software remains accessible, thus user multitasking is fully kept available.

This shouldn't be a major operation, and if anything could be toggleable in the options for users whom don't need the functionality. It could rather seamlessly be included, and help support the progressively increasing size of databanks.

Vote above (yes or no) if this is something to maybe include in a newer revision (v0.60b?)

for reference, windows by default updates at 60hz (60 frames per second) and thus loading a 60k list could take upto 15 minutes if adding 1 per frame.
a value in the expanded options could adjust the number of items loaded per second, the default being i.e. 20/frame aka 1200/second, making a 60k list have 50sec loadtime.
imo it's a small price to pay to preserve multitasking and the software's accessibility, and with a custom value setting there'd be no price to pay for advanced users.

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:18 PM

Do advanced users know what is hard limit and soft limit?

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