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Posted 07 January 2020 - 03:02 PM

Hi All
Curious if anyone else has issues with getting on to the website? thanks

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Posted 07 January 2020 - 04:59 PM

It is working at this time. Maybe it is blocked by your government or by your provider.

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 10:30 AM


7th January 2020



It seems someone for some reason has started a smear campaign against TV Underground in twitter. Some random anonymous accounts are claiming TVU distributes child pornography. This is a VERY serious claim and of course untrue. These people provide absolutely no proof tho their claims. Nevertheless, in current times, it seems proofs of such claims are not required and people blindly follow some anonymous guy's claim. This has already caused DDoS attacks and DNS provider dumping us. Again for no obvious true reasons.

What you can do to protect your number one TV website?

Visit the following tweet:

Report it to twitter for spreading false information and answer to all the bots, that they are full of crap!


9th January 2020

Seems like the twitter guy doesn't give up and last night published some mindblowing (as he thinks) details about his accusations.

While it is nice that 20 years into the existance of the ed2k network, this guy found out about it and (oh shock) it turned out some bad people use it to share bad stuff, it is a shame he did not bother to comprehend the workings of P2P and ed2k specifically.

I am sure the actual guy spreading this stuff won't bother to read this, yet I'd like to make a statement to any possible new visitors. I will try to make it as clear as possible.

TV Underground, it's owner (me), it's staff DO NOT host, download, view, spread, facilitate in getting child pornography. Not now. Not ever. TV Underground has been existing for 14 (!) years now and never once before anyone accused us of such horrible things.

Now regarding the ed2k server. Is it possible for some rogue people to connect and make such stuff available to others? Yes, it is. Does it mean that TV Underground or it's staff somehow responsible for it or encourage it? Absolutely not. Can we control what other people chose to make available to the ed2k network? No. Can anyone else? No. If we take down our ed2k server, does it have an effect on these people? No. If all ed2k servers aare taken down, does that? No (google KAD).

All this is publically available information. There are numerous articles on the working of various P2P networks, ed2k included. But, sadly, the person makes no intent to research the actual truth.

Now a bit of honesty. I am actually considering closing the site, because this is simply not worth it. I've invested huge ammounts of time into this site during the past 14 years. I make pretty much no financial gains from operating it. It is all so you, the visitors, the users, can watch TV shows in whatever part of the world you might be. And in return for all this, at the end I am being called nothing less then an operator of a child pornography ring by some idiot. But this idiot collects hundreeds of likes, people are actually calling to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Is it all worth it? I am starting to think no. Killing this baby that I've been with almost half of my life will be a great tragedy, but can I risk my own wellbeing and freedom (not only my own, I have a family)? Not really. So if this campaign does not stop, I am afraid it will be an end to all.

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