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Emule For Radarr And Sonarr Is it possible to work together

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Posted 18 December 2019 - 05:52 PM

Hello all,
I am using eMule for almost 2 decades now and just(yesterday) started to use sonarr and radarr (in a simple way-> automatic search and download the missing/newest episodes/movies you index.
Seems it only accepts Usenet and Torrents. With torrents seems it uses the app webinterface to receive the file requests and once done it moves the file to the proper place of your choosing(in my case, to my plex folder).
It is an amazing tool and it really works!
But I am not a fan of torrents. I like eMule, cause it is easy to share all my library.
Then comes the question: is eMule compatible from an eMule stand point?
If not, is that a valid project for the community start?
If yes, what is missing and how to start it? (or perhaps configure :) )
My main goal is to make sonarr/radarr work with eMule.

Thanks once again for the great work

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