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A Dude Offline Now While I Was Downloading His Or Her File tons of wonderful book just from one source

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Posted 23 November 2019 - 09:04 AM

recently i added as many as 7000 medical books from a dude named eMedicine,,unfortunately the connection between us was way slow and the day before yesterday i found that my emule can't establish the connection to his computer now,,, to make the thing worse,,it seems that he was the only source of that wonderful 7000 medical books...just wonder how to work around this problem and if anyone on this net has a copy of that 7000 medical books.....

btw i don't have much time to tweete around ScarAngle or other MODS,,,,i didn't know his or her ip and i don't have much time to play around amule ------ linux version of emule... just wonder if amule has some features that emule hided around...

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Posted 23 December 2019 - 06:05 PM

If you have Kad activated already, then theres no other advise i think. As long as the guy has Kad active too, you should be able to find him. This can probably take hours or more. Maybe he has technical issues with pc or connection, is playing online games or doesnt let the pc running 24/7 anymore.

I just have 1 point: Are you sure, that you arent banned on his side? Maybe your client is to aggressive. My Morph bans like 12-15 clients after some time. On top, iam disconnecting VPN when i play online games or use netflix/prime video.

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