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Is It Possible To Pay To Build Us A Mod? Pay to build mod requested features!

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Posted 10 December 2017 - 01:08 PM

Simples mods base eMule 50b

add:Slotfocus (base ZZ) "open 20 slots" or or when upload is full!
add:Upload direct (Removing client from upload list: Remote client cancelled transfer. Client) "client only exits upload when viewing this message"
remove:old upload system aka 9.28mb "bad system and stressful waiting"
add:Client percentage by StulleMule
add:ask only once for the file and wait its turn to enter the upload slot!
remove:old ask 29 time.
add:Prio upload by percentage 0% - 1% (user with 0% always has priority)
add:upload rarity -> all files must have 5 complete fonts. "shared parts must be dark blue" = 5 sources completed

I am willing to pay for this work, and with disclosure of the source for everyone to share

Do not tell me how impossible.

I love eMule, I want it to return to its peak again, just like in the times of the biggest server "RAZORBACK2" in which we had a super strong ed2k community.
Emule needs these new things to get out of the stone age.
Even developers have lost the will to program, every community is going into the depths of darkness.eMule can have two networks in only one it is protocol and you can act on a slow and network to keep sharing for infinite time and can act in a network in the same protocol but in a much faster way efficient and modern without ever disrupting a The two intersect together in their sharing strand.

Thank you greetings from portugal

obrigado cumprimentos de portugal

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