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Indirect Way To Detect "open Ports" through low/highIDs

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Posted 11 May 2017 - 05:00 PM

Well I'm a bit ashamed because I even participated in the development of an emule mod but now a lot of time passed.

I have a strange setup at home with a cascade of 3 firewalls and I may, from time to time, mess with one of them losing the open ports for emule. Now I'm using kad only, although I could connect to the servers, but I do love the kad concept (that should be scaled, though, since the connection technology improved. Alas, not enough manpower).

So as far as I remember, if I have the port closed, only high IDs can connect to me, right? So if I get some lowID, then my ports should be fine.

Could someone confirm?

Kad says "open (unverified)" (beba 2.72)
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