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Tcp Tests/upnp Port Setup Fail Regardless Of What I Do! TCP/UPNP fail

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Post icon  Posted 14 March 2017 - 08:55 AM

I have been using eMule since like 2002, & have NEVER had this much trouble getting this working! No clue what the prob is. I am using eMule v.0.50A, Win 8.1, I have created appropriate RULES in my firewall, had my ISP forward the correct ports on my modem-as they will not give the IP address for it, to config & they can do so remotely. I asked the guy to just forward all TCP ports, he did, I created a rule for TCP & UDP in & out for all ports to my P.C.'s IP address & YET they damn tests still fail! & I have used eMule on this same machine, same setup w/everything before, & had no probs at all! OH, & I forwarded correct ports w/in Windows too, & created a static IP address as well for my network. So, what gives? I am at a loss trying to figure this out & just wanna use eMule damnit! PLEASE HELP! :o & not sure if this matters, but my modem has a router built in too, so I have no need to config it separately.


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Posted 14 March 2017 - 08:50 PM

Untick "use upnp..." in options connections, change ports, change th ports also in router port forwarding, disable your firewall, restart pc and router.
If that won't help, answer to the following questions:

1) Have you downloaded emule 0.50a from
2) Operating system used? (example: Windows 7 professional SP1 32bit)
3) Which firewalls/antiviruses/spyware detectors are present/installed on your pc?
4) Are you using peerguardian/peerblock/ip filters or similars? And what of those?
5) Name of your ISP, name of your connection and, possibly, their declared downstream and upstream bandwiths
6) How many PCs, in your home network, are using p2p programs (emule or others) and which ports are they using?
7) Screenshot of your Option -> Connections
(OR: Which ports are you using? Is UPNP enabled? What value are present on download/upload capacity/limit? And so forth)
8) Are you running emule as an administrator? yes/no
9) How many servers do you have into your list (it's inside servers tab under emule lightning)?
10) Where do you get the servers from?
11) Number of downloading files (it's inside transfers tab under emule lightning)?
12) Number of shared files (it's inside shared files tab under emule lightning)?
13) Is Protocol Obfuscation enabled (Options -> Security)?
14) Found sources (Statistics tab -> Transfer -> Downloads -> Session -> Found sources)?
15) On queue (Statistics tab -> Transfer -> Downloads -> Session -> Found sources -> On queue)?
16) Did you modify any values in Options -> Extended? And what?
17) What option is ticked in sharing emule with other computer users (Options -> Extended)?
18) Describe how your devices are arranged.
- telephone jack, adsl filter, adsl cable to ethernet modem, ethernet modem, ethernet cable to router, router, 3 pc (1 wireless, 2 wired with ethernet cables)
19) High ID or Low ID? (servers tab, my info on the right: ed2k network, under your numerical ID - kad network: status and udp status)

If you have low ID, and would try to solve it, answer to the following questions too.

20) (not really a question, say only if you know how to do it)
Make sure you know how to reset (to factory defaults) your device and note down the data for connecting to your ISP.
(in case of troubles, you can reset the router and you'll need those data - vpi - vci - username and password of your connection, and so forth...
those data are personal/private, you_SHOULD_NOT_post_them_here --- ONLY_you_should_know_them).
21) Manufacturer and model of your router
22) Screenshots of your router menus are welcome:
- UPNP settings
- DHCP settings
- lan ip clients settings (or: the place where you have reserved an ip address for your PCs, instead of using a static ip for each PC)
- virtual server/port forwarding or similar
- eventual firewall screen (of your router)
23) Have you put static ip to your pc (into tcp/ip properties of your connection properties)?
Here too, a screenshot would be welcome.
If you have reserved an IP address (from your router settings), it is not necessary to set a static IP to your PC.

INCONCEIVABLE! - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
come ottenere aiuto italian guides - guide della sezione italiana
italian support - sezione italiana scaricare la lista server
ottenere id alto impostare le porte nel router
recuperare file corrotti i filtri ip
Sembra talco ma non č serve a darti l'allegrIa! Se lo lanci e poi lo respiri ti dā subito l'allegrIa! Posted Image

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