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How To Improve In Case Of Hashset Request Failed? file could keep that status for an hour until next tcp connection

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Posted 23 November 2016 - 03:37 AM

This has been occurred more frequently when I was trying to download some rare files.

Problem is, once the hashset request failed, if the number of sources are short, it's quite possible that eMule has established tcp connection with all sources, with a failed hashset request, other clients would have been blocked for possible hashset requests.

Then the most probable react is eMule tend to keep itself in the queue by sending UDP packet, until the next TCP establishment after like, one hour.

It's especially noticeable if one of the source started transferring and the red warning like this appears in Logs, after one part finished:
11/20/2016 9:56:09 PM: Warning: Unable to hash downloaded part - hashset incomplete (blablabla.mkv)

Is it a better yet appropriate way to handle this kind of situation nicely? What's your opinion on this?

Edit: This only occurred when several files allocate disk spaces simultaneously, which cause the hard-disk overload and in turn affected the socket receiving. It happened occasionally and was quite annoying though.

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