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Mods That Shows Statistics Of The (Already) Files? When i started to share them? Etc..

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Posted 31 May 2016 - 12:37 PM

As the title says, i was wondering if there is a mod (apart from my tentative that i have to fix someday) that shows statistics about already shared files. For example:

When did i share it the first time?
How much did i upload it compared to the file's size? (Like you uploaded it 6.74 time its size)
What is the average request for the file counting all the runtime days, the last 30, the last 7? (like 0.43 request for every runtime day)

Any ideas? Even 0.49 versions i do not mind. Of course i could test by myself but it is a lot of testing (and still i have to test something for the beba), so maybe someone already knows.

Those stats, even in a file and not in the GUI, would be cool for a releaser.

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