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Quick Question About Seeders

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 01:12 PM

I have a very specific question to ask.

Say for instance there is an emule torrent that has 100 seeders for example.

Is it possible to ignore 99 of the seeders and only download the torrent from one SPECIFIC seeder?

Like is there an option to "Ignore" or "Don't Download" from specific seeders or would a third party program have to be used?

I'm asking this question for educational purposes.

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 01:53 PM

eMule does not support other protocols but eDonkey2000 and Kad.

You downloaded the wrong client, probably a fake one.
You can download eMule from here.

Anyway eMule does not support ban-like features, you can read a frequently asked question about the subject here.
eMule is free software, people may modify the source code to create a similar client with different features, anyway a modified version of eMule that implements ban-like features is often considered a bad modification of the client and it is not welcome here.
The feature that seems closer to your goal is the IP filter support; you can read about the IP filter in eMule documentation here.
Generally speaking, I would recommend you to read the documentation, read sticky topics and use the search function, but if you have other specific questions you are welcome to ask.

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 02:14 PM

eMule does not handle torrents.

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 04:38 PM

Now I don't know which client your using but if its from then that 3rd party client is not affiliated with official eMule project from here. So you can remove and download eMule mod: NeoLoader, which supports torrent. There are ways you can manually inject torrent via magnet link with source same as we have in ED2K. But you won't be able to ignore other sources though the client itself unless it supports it which is unlikely and only way to do that is by collecting known source IPs add adding them to custom filter like host.deny which will drop all packets or setting up complex protocol flag with fingerprint enabled. Which will actually take more work than its worth but can be manually done.
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