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Posted 11 May 2014 - 11:24 PM


It seems like relatively unnoticed the European Parliament gets more and more captured by pirates. Whereas last elections of the European Parliament in 2009 the pirate party only participated in 3 countries and could bring 2 pirates in the European Parliament, on the upcoming elections of the European Parliament, which take place from 22th of May to 25th of May, the pirate party is running for elections in 17 of the 28 EU member states and has very good chances to get more pirates into european parliament.

If you've never heard of the pirate party or ask yourself why this is relevant, take a look at their position to filesharing / copyright written down in their common european election programme:



PIRATES want a fair and balanced copyright law based on the interests of society as a whole.

We strive for the abolition of information monopolies. The European Union has given in to a series of demands to introduce information monopolies that are supposedly designed to motivate creators and inventors to produce more works. In reality the only beneficiaries of the monopolies are huge corporations, while the market as a whole is failing. This market failure is apparent by the frequent bullying of individuals and SMEs by collecting societies and the loss of orphan works to society. Our goal is to create an environment where the motivation to create goes hand in hand with freedom of information.

Improved public availability of information, knowledge and culture is a prerequisite for the social, technological and economic development of our society. PIRATES therefore demand that copying, storing, using and providing access to literary and artistic works for non-commercial purposes must not only be legalised but protected by law and actively promoted. Everyone shall be able to enjoy and share our cultural heritage free from the threat of legal action or censorship.

The commercial monopoly given by copyright should be restored to a reasonable term. Derivative works shall always be permitted, with exceptions that are very specifically enumerated in law with minimal room for interpretation.

The internet as a medium should know no borders. PIRATES consider artificial national barriers for cultural goods a hindrance to the European internal market and demand their abolishment. A change of approach is required in the area of rights to intangible goods and their respective enforcement practices.

Further monopolies in the sectors of information and culture have to be prevented. By law, the state should only allow or maintain monopoly rights for intangible goods if these are in the public interest. Any monopoly rights must be temporally limited, neither their time-span nor their scope may be expanded retrospectively.

The creation of commons, such as free software, free cultural goods, open patent pools and free and open educational material, must be promoted and legally protected.

Social life, increasingly taking place in digital spaces, must not be restricted by monopoly rights over intangible goods. The introduction of “fair use” regulations will ensure that social interactions remain unencumbered.

European collecting societies must ensure comprehensive transparency, fair participatory rights for their members and fairer contract terms for artists.

To solve it: They are people of the filesharing community, who decided to step into politics to fight for legalization of non-commercial filesharing of copyright protected works, instead of solving the political agitation against us just by using more and more sophisticated P2P software and other methods to do filesharing. One of their most famous election candidates is Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde; he's the candidate No. 1 of the finish pirate party.

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 06:58 PM

There are news !

The worlds biggest torrent portal, The Pirate Bay – – is backing
the european pirate parties in european elections 2014 by web banners: http://torrentfreak....ections-140520/
And the streaming portals, und also did so:

Posted Image

The banners of the streaming portals are linking to a landing page – http://wiki.piratenp...uropean_Pirates – which offers information to the future of copyright and pirates; in detail it contains:
• a preview of what awaits us on EU level regarding copyright within the next 5 years
• an overview of all the countries where one can vote pirate in the european elections 2014
• the official copyright position of the european pirates
• an overview of what the 2 pirates in EU Parliament achieved for the filesharing and streaming community within the last 5 years – and this probably is the most interesting information for us

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Posted 29 July 2014 - 01:57 AM

Only one German pirate made it into the EP, and she's a left-wing feminist. :unsure:
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