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Correct U/l And D/l Limits And Ratios.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 04:30 PM

Hi folks - first post.

Still learning. I had posted this in the eMule Help forum, but I was told in no uncertain terms to take myself and my question to the mods forum, so here I am.

For several days, no DL at all. Went in and cancelled all of the Never Complete items, shut down eMule and did a speed test. (Frontier DSL - down
2930 Kb/s up 490 Kb/s. Per eMule I left the download at unlimited and set the U/L limit at 80% i.e. 392 Kb/s. With a high ID, eMule actual is 68.9 up
3.1 down.

Here is my question: if I have adhered to the correct limits & ratios, why am I getting 69 up and a paltry 3 down? What am I missing?

Pc Configuration
- Operating System Win XP SP3
- Internet connection type (Bandwidth, Eg: 1024/320 DSL)3000 DSL
- Modem, Router, Proxy (manufacturer and model) Westell A90
- Firewalls Avast Internet Security
- Antivirus Avast Internet Security
- Spyware detector n/a
- Emule Version 0.50a [MorphXT v.12.7]

Emule Settings (Options tab)
- Dl/Ul capacity 2390; 490
- Dl/Ul limits unlimited; 392
- Hard limit 1000
- Max Connection 800
- Activated networks (ED2k, Kad, Both) Both
- Max. new connection/5 secs (Options -> Extended) 20
- Max half open connection (Options -> Extended) 9
- Ports TCP/UDP 32381 ; 17107

Emule General
- Numbers of servers in your server list (How to get a good server list)5
- High ID or LowID High
- Number of downloading files and average number of sources [don't know how to determine]
- Number of shared files [don't know how to determine]
- Used server name and IP (eg: DonkeyServer NO1) eDonkeyServer No.2

- Internet Service Provider (ISP)
- Is Protocol Obfuscation enabled? yes
- Found sources (Statistics -> Transfer -> Downloads -> Session -> Found sources) 28

Thanks in advance for any tips, advice, etc. Apologies if I am still in the wrong place to ask for help. fritz

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 09:08 PM

Hi fritz,

if there are not enough people on queue (with high ID) you will not be able to completely fill your defined upload capacity. Similarly, if there are no clients to provide you with data you will not receive any data. Few sources (e.g. only 28) is frequently associated with little download. This is not set in stone as each client in the network might or might not take or give a lot of bandwidth.

MorphXT does throttle your download under certain conditions to 1:3 (Ul:Dl) but this is indicated by an R to the right of the up/down speeds on the status bar (at the bottom of the window on the right side). More precisely, r means a restriction will be made if you reach the limit, R means the restriction is enforced. If you do not see anything like that, no limit is enforced. If you see something there try moving your mouse over the letter to see what causes the restriction.

Best Regards,
I am an member and fan!

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Posted 13 April 2013 - 09:53 PM

View Postfritzb43, on 04 April 2013 - 06:30 PM, said:

- Used server name and IP (eg: DonkeyServer NO1) eDonkeyServer No.2

sidenote - test if this server works for you. For some users (by IP ?) it does not work properly.
connect to it, do a search (server) for someting where you know it should deliver results.
For those of us where it does not work, any search will result in a search tab showing the exclamation mark (= search going on) but never any result.

If this is so for you, set the server to priority : low. Remove it from your static server list in case you use a static server list.
Or remove it from the server list alltogether.

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