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Router-Modem Talk

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Posted 11 May 2012 - 07:50 PM


I am atm looking into what new WLAN-router-modem to buy (Germany), and am baffled. :confused:

How come 80-90% of the available models come with 100Base-TX Ethernet ? Hello ? this is 2012 ?
And how come the 100base Routermodems are actually a lot cheaper than the 1000base-T routers - is there some expensive license involved with Gigabit Ethernet ?

If I need DSL-over-ISDN (Annex B ), and want WLAN, and 3x or more Gigabit Ethernet, and disregard Lancom devices (700 € :clap: ) and one mystery sitecom thingy - I end up with only 8 devices (4x Fritzbox) ?

If I want to stay below 100€ then I am stuck with only 2 models ? :shock:

Even more strange, those two lowest price models come with lots of stuff and functions, that I would expect you'd have to pay extra for
(MIMO, shared USB (powered USB even), DLNA server, torrent client, manual switch for WLAN on/off, and lotsmore)

Anyways, would anybody here dis-/advise one of these devices ?

~75€ Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H (pdf, English)
70,-€ Netgear RangeMax Wireless-N 300 DGN3500B (html, German :unsure: , device is meant for German market only)

Oh, ps - my internet access most probably will stay the same for years to come : ADSL (no 2+ nor V-) 6000/1000 over analogue telephone.
(but in Germany DSL-over-isdn is used for analogue telephone, too, iiuc.)

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