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Any Remixers Here? I released a remix pack on eMule for you!

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Posted 18 August 2009 - 09:10 AM

Hey all,

I decided to post a multi-track version of a song I made a while ago and extend the offer to remix that song to everyone who can find it. The track is called Phantoms of London (a track I've gotten plenty of good reviews already) It's been posted on the content database here: http://contentdb.emu...ew.php?pid=1620 (on the very bottom currently) and, like everything else I've released for eMule users, it's under a Creative Commons-BY-NC-SA license. So you can spread it around elsewhere if you like. :)

The format is multitrack wav's in a RAR package. So all you need is a program that can read WAV files (virtually every audio editing/producing software I know of can read it)

If you can get a remix in by December 1st, it'll definitely be included in the year end 2009 pack. Both individually released and in-the-pack versions will have info you want included in it (it'll most likely be a zip/rar pack with the song and the readme included. It's essentially a free advertising opportunity to be posted on the (currently) 11th most popular release of all time (over 236,000 downloads) on there.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in remixing this, by all means. It doesn't matter what genre the remix is in as I'm open to any genre. Original song is a House tune set at 125BPM.

I'm currently hosting the RAR file right now and will host it as often as I can.

Enjoy! :flowers:
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