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Statistics Dialog Minor Bug: X Axis Time. Time displays incorrectly-scope v.small.

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Posted 27 April 2006 - 08:20 PM

Thanks to leuk_he for pointing me in the direction of this. :flowers:

As you can see in the above link. if you move the vertical splitter so far to the right, so that there is no x-axis/graph but the scopes and time are still displayed, you will see an invalid time displayed for the x-axis.

The fix is very simple, I have quoted a lot of code so you get context for the change.

In StatisticsDlg.cpp void CStatisticsDlg::ShowInterval()

void CStatisticsDlg::ShowInterval() said:

                int shownSecs = plotRect.Width() * thePrefs.GetTrafficOMeterInterval();
                // CB Mod ---> Make Setters
                m_Statistics.m_nXPartial = m_DownloadOMeter.m_nXPartial = m_UploadOMeter.m_nXPartial = shownSecs % 3600;
                m_Statistics.m_nXGrids = m_DownloadOMeter.m_nXGrids = m_UploadOMeter.m_nXGrids = shownSecs / 3600;

                if(shownSecs <= 0)
                        const CString buffer = CastSecondsToHM(shownSecs);

Thanks for reading. :+1:

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