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Rememeber Server Priority From Server.met for static servers.

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Posted 08 December 2005 - 12:27 PM

There is a small "feature" that makes you think setting the priority for servers does not work. In reality the "static server"is just too static. If you make a server static then the fact that a server is static AND the priority becomes static,

if you change the priority of a static server, the server will go back to the old priority after a restart.

This is very simply resolved (in 0.46c):

Serverlist.cpp member AddServersFromTextFile() (line 821)


if (!theApp.emuledlg->serverwnd->serverlistctrl.AddServer(nsrv, true))
  delete nsrv;
  CServer* srvexisting = GetServerByAddress(strHost.GetBuffer(), _tstoi(strPort));
  if (srvexisting) {
    // srvexisting->SetPreference(priority); // leuk_he remember priority in server.met
    if (theApp.emuledlg->serverwnd)

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