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Public Beta Test

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Dear Users,

we have deceided that for this version we will publish the Release Candidate for a final testing before doing the "real" Release. With this we hope to avoid more of those evil little bugs which sometimes manage to not get discovered by our debuggers, but turn up as soon as the release is announced.
The time frame for this tests will be rather short, like 2-5 days, given that no major issues turn up.
Those versions are not untested CVS builds, but version which we would consider as mainly finished, but still you should only download those if you are willing to participate in a beta test and also to provide feedback. If not, then its just a few days more before the Release will be ready, so you will not miss anything :)

Based on the Feedback and found bugs we will deceide if we continue to release RCs for the next versions. In any case, this forum will only be visible when a new RC is available for testing.

Please post bugs related to this version into this forum. Do not post any general discussion, feature requests (this includes hidden feature requests like "this function still doenst works" when the said function never existed) or support requests.
Also please do not post anything related to this Beta version in any other part of this forum (esp. do not ask for support for an unreleased version).

We ask you to not release a mod version based on this code before the release of this version is done. Since this will only take some days, it doesn''t takes too much patience and you have more time for some relaxed merging ;) Also you should merge any possible changes between the RC and the final release before naming with the according version number.

Your eMule-Team

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